About Aderain Designs

Aderain Designs originally started out as Aderain Graphics, a graphic design company in 2007 primarily focusing on company branding, magazine adverts, promotional material and printed media. We were based in Glasgow, but have since moved to Hertfordshire where we have our base of operations near Stevenage.

After success in branding, and more promotional work we were often asked if we created websites as well, and from early 2010, we did. We have been building websites for SMEs, start-up companies, arts professionals and more, as well as branding, graphics, T-shirt print designs and printed advertising as well. We are proud to always speak in plain English.

We have no love of "techno-babble" and would rather our customers and clients understood everything involved in any work that we do for them, and openly answer any questions, or clarifications.



We strive to make our website a one-stop-shop for design to get everything done in one place. With all of our services available, we can make your website a professional online base, with links to social networking and social media, and all with your company branding.

Keeping it simple

We can also enhance your offline profile with business cards, magazine advertising, t-shirts, leaflets, letterheads, and event invites. We would rather our customers were able to get everything at a good price and in one place, making your life easier, and the process be that much smoother.

Our Principles

  • Customer focus
  • Every design process is understandable
  • We work for you
  • Your satisfaction is our satisfaction
  • High quality at reasonable prices